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Norway first in the world to install new GE MR system for a more comfortable patient experience


  • Levanger Hospital in Norway installs world’s first SIGNA Architect MR

  • The advanced and powerful MR enables faster examinations for patients

Levanger, Norway Levanger Hospital in Nord-Trøndelag county is the first in the world to install GE Healthcare’s new SIGNATM Architect. The new system enables faster examinations with higher image quality and increased patient comfort.

“We can now conduct an exam in 40 minutes which previously took one hour1. That’s a big difference, and we believe we can increase the number of patients scanned quite a bit. Our goal, once we are finished working with the protocols, is to scan at least 10 more patients each day,” said Rune Wagnild, Head of MR, Levanger Hospital.

The additional capacity is expected to help reduce the backlog of patients that is prevalent throughout the country. Patients can wait an average of 12 weeks to receive a non-urgent MR exam.

“In one scan, we can get four contrasts. We obtain the same information from two sequences in the time it takes to do one. [SIGNA Architect MR] opens up new opportunities to improve SNR (signal to noise ratio) and reduce noise,” said Wagnild. More contrast means more data that can help make a more informed and confident diagnosis for the patient. Improved SNR improves the image resolution.

The system is also designed to increase patient comfort. The patient table has a comfortable memory foam surface, alleviating pressure points and with its detachable table it is easier to prepare patients for the examination.

“The SIGNA Architect helps patients have a less stressful experience when they have an MRI. The examination is faster and quieter, the examination room is brighter and the bore is more spacious. All of this helps the patient relax in a setting which can normally be quite uncomfortable,” said Magnus Olsson, MR Leader at GE Healthcare in the Nordics.

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1 According to customer data.